Definition of Practice

(Section 5(2) Social Workers Act)

“For the purpose of this Act, the practice of social work is the assessment, remediation and prevention of social problems and the enhancement of social functioning of individuals, families, groups and communities by means of:

(a) the provision of direct counselling services within an established relationship between a Social Worker and a client;

(b) the development, promotion and delivery of human-service programs; or

(c) the development and promotion of social policies aimed at improving social conditions and promoting social equality, including that done in collaboration with communities,

and which requires the application of specialized knowledge, values and skills in the field of social work.”

What is it?

Assessment, remediation and prevention of social problems

What does it do?

Enhances social functioning of:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Groups and Communities

What methods are used?

  • Direct Counselling
  • Development, Promotion and Delivery of Human Service Programs
  • Social Policy Development and Promotion

What expertise is used?

Social Work:

  • Knowledge
  • Values
  • Skills