The Board of Examiners

The College’s Board of Examiners consists of at least nine social workers appointed by the Council, one of whom is teaching at an approved school of social work. Together they represent the diversity of the various fields of social work practice and reflect the intersectional identities of the college. The Board also includes at least three persons appointed by the Governor in Council who are neither social workers nor social worker candidates.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Examiners receives all applications from the Executive Director/Registrar who processes and presents them in front of the Board for registration as Registered Social Workers, Social Work Candidates, and Registered Workers (provisional). The Board of Examiners then decides on the registration of each applicant.

The Board issues direction for certification of Registration and renewals and Registers Social Workers, Social Worker candidates, and Registered Social Workers (Provisionals). Board memebers keep the Register up to date and secures the office of the Board of Examiners through the Executive Director/Registrar.

Board Members

Chair – Tonya Grant

Mark Scales
Janet Pothier
Shireen Singer
Jeff Karabanow
Joline Comeau
Pamela Roberts
Angela Gee
Jaqi Allan
Lynn Cheek
Fred Gasper

Government Appointees – Justin Adams