If the Board of Examiners refuses to issue a certificate of registration to you, the Executive Director/ Registrar will inform you of this decision in writing. At this time you will be informed that you may request a review of the decision. You can appeal this decision within 30 days from the date of written receipt of the refusal.

If you request a review, the review will be conducted by a Registration Appeals Committee.

The Review Process

The applicant may apply to the Board of Examiners within 30 days from the date of written receipt of the refusal, for review of its decision, by providing to the Registrar a request in writing that indicates the grounds for the review. The Registrar will directly forward the applicant’s request for review to the Registration Appeal Committee.

Following receipt of the written request of appeal, within 60 days the Registration Appeal Committee will determine the manner in which the review will be conducted. This may include:

  1. Hearing of the matter, where both parties have the opportunity to present evidence and to make oral submission.
  2. Review of the written record together with written or oral submissions from the parties, as determined by the Registration Appeal Committee.
  3. Such other procedure as the Registration Appeal Committee may determine.

In a review before the Registration Appeal Committee, the parties are the applicant and the College (through a representative appointed by the Executive Director/ Registrar). The Registration Appeal Committee may determine its own procedure and may:

a. Adjourn or postpone a proceeding from time to time.

b. Amend or permit the amendment of any document filed in connection with the proceedings.

c. Determine where a hearing is held.

d. Order pre-hearing procedures, including pre-hearing conferences that are held in private, and direct the times, dates and places of the hearing for those procedures.

e. Order that a hearing, parts of a hearing or pre-hearing conference be conducted using a means of telecommunication that permits the parties and the committee to communicate simultaneously.

f. Administer oaths and affirmations.

g. Receive and accept such evidence and information on oath, affidavit or otherwise as the Registration Appeal Committee in its discretion sees fit, whether admissible in a court of law or not.

At the conclusion of the review process, the Registration Appeal Committee shall make its decision within a reasonable time and shall render a written decision with its reasons within a reasonable time.

The decision of the Registration Appeal Committee is final.