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Mail: 1888 Brunswick St., Suite 700, Halifax, NS B3J 3J8
Phone: 902-429-7799

We typically respond to inquiries within 1-2 business days.

Alec Stratford

Alec Stratford, RSW — Executive Director/Registrar

The Executive Director/Registrar is the senior management position within the College, appointed by and reporting to the Council.

Alec is responsible for the overall planning and operations of the College, including regulatory functions. He is the point of contact between Council and staff, ensuring that College activities are in sync with Council’s policies and priorities. Alec also speaks for the College in conversations with government, media, and other professional regulatory bodies and associations.

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 224

Naj Siritsky, RSW — Professional Practice & Advocacy Consultant

The Professional Practice & Advocacy Consultant builds community relationships and creates resources to support members in the practice of social work.

Naj organizes professional development opportunities and supports social workers in achieving their annual professional development requirements. They review, develop, and evaluate internal policies regarding professional standards and engage with membership and community stakeholders. This includes developing, implementing, and facilitating events and activities in solidarity with members and community partners to advocate for the values of the social work profession.

They are also the staff liaison for most of NSCSW’s member committees: Connections, Decolonization, Professional Development, Professional Standards, and Social Justice. Much of Naj’s role involves close collaboration with members of the College, including social workers, social work educators, retired associate members, and social work students.

Telephone:(902)429-7799 x 223

Valerie Heard, RSW — Regulatory and Candidacy Consultant

The Regulatory and Candidacy Manager provides strategic support for regulating ethical, competent social work practice.

Val supports the NSCSW’s professional misconduct process in collaboration with the Complaints and Discipline committees, serving as an expert on regulation, investigations, and professional social work conduct. She also oversees the Candidacy Mentorship Program, providing mentors, candidates and employers with the necessary tools and resources to complete regulatory requirements.

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 222

Gen Coughlan — Administrative Support, Regulatory Services

The Administrative Assistant, Regulatory Services, acts as one of the front-line points of contact for the office and supports the regulatory functions of the NSCSW.

Gen receives general inquiries from members and the public, and directs them to other staff members when appropriate. She also provides administrative and logistical support to three NSCSW committees (Clinical, Complaints, Discipline).

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 228

Position vacant until May 2024 — Administrative Support, Membership Services

The Administrative Assistant, Membership Services, acts as one of the front-line points of contact for the office and supports NSCSW’s member services.

This person receives general inquiries from members and the public, and directs them to other staff members when appropriate. They provide administrative and logistical support for NSCSW staff, which includes admin support for most of NSCSW’s member committees (Connections, Decolonization, Professional Development, Professional Standards, and Social Justice).

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 226
Email: please contact until position is filled

Suzanne Kutach — Applications and Renewal Administrator

The Applications & Renewals Administrator supports application and regulatory processes at the NSCSW, and the administration of the NSCSW member database.

Suzanne receives and processes registration applications for people who wish to practice social work in Nova Scotia, as well as student members enrolled in accredited social work programs. She provides administrative support for the Candidacy Mentorship Program and the Board of Examiners. Members who need to change member class or status can reach out to Suzanne to discuss their next steps, whether they’re going on parental or education leave, seeking private practice eligibility, retiring, considering resigning their membership, and more.

Suzanne serves the in-house expert on the NSCSW’s member database, and collaborates with service providers to ensure the platform is kept up to date with the College’s changing regulatory requirements.

Telephone: (902) 429-7799 x 221

Rebecca Faria — Communication Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for preparing, directing, and disseminating all communication on behalf of the College through various channels, including digital and print mediums.

Rebecca ensures that all NSCSW communication aligns with the College’s objectives and goals, and supports positive reciprocal relationships with its stakeholders, including the general public, members, Council, the media, and other professional bodies. She collaborates with NSCSW staff, committee members and community partners to develop and implement communication strategy in support of the College’s larger strategic plan. This includes creating and distributing information resources to support strong member services, regulatory compliance, and the College’s continuing advocacy efforts.

Telephone:(902)429-7799 x 227