Executive Officers:

President – Ezra Wexler
Vice-President – Todd Leader
Treasurer – Vacant
Secretary –  Mercy Kasheke
Past President – Lorna Griffin-Fillier

To connect with the president of Council Email: President@NSCSW.org

Board of Examiners:

Tonya Grant (Chair)

Committee  Chairpersons:

Social Action/Social Justice – Vacant

Regional Representatives:

Cape Breton – Catherine Kehoe
Cape Breton – Maryam Mohseni
Colchester – Michele Rigby
Cumberland – Donna Fitzpatrick
Fundy Shore – Vacant
Halifax Metro – Denise Robichaud
Halifax Metro – Neal Henderson
North Shore – Vacant
South Shore – Kate Matheson
Annapolis Valley – Kenny MacLean

Other Representatives:

CASW Board Member – Debbie Reimer
Dalhousie University School of Social Work Faculty – Judy MacDonald
Dalhousie University School of Social Work Student – Vacant
Universite Sainte Anne Faculty – Veronique Brideau-Cormier
Universite Sainte Anne Student – Vacant
Nova Scotia Association of Black Social Workers – Courtney Brown
Indigenous Member – Chelsea Googoo

About Council Representation

The College is governed by our elected Council, Executive, and Standing Committees. College staff assists these groups to ensure the College functions on behalf of the membership between annual general meetings. Council is the College’s main governing body.

The following College Council executives are elected by the members and take office after the AGM:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasure and
  • Past President

Council representation also comes from elected regional representatives. The regions include one or more counties and are (from north to south):

  • Cape Breton
  • North Shore
  • Colchester
  • Cumberland
  • Halifax
  • Annapolis Valley
  • South Shore
  • Fundy Shore

Council is also represented by these eight appointed members:

  • The Chair of the Board of Examiner
  • A representative of the Nova Scotia Association of Black Social Workers
  • A representative from the Indigenous social work community
  • Faculty representative from both Dalhousie School of Social Work and the Universite Sainte-Anne social work program.
  • Student representatives from Dalhousie and Universite Sainte-Anne

The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) also has a representative who is an ex-official member.

As the governing body, Council is responsible for the Amended Social Workers Act mandate and ensures that Social Workers Regulations are upheld. Council also works with members to create the College’s Bylaws.

Regional Representatives Role on Council:

  • Providing a forum to become informed of the business of the College and be a means for regional members to bring forward concerns to the Council.
  • They may, as a group, solidify concerns and issues of each region so that a clear province-wide picture is presented to Council.
  • Recieve Council and membership support for an issue in their region.
  • Determine the region’s continuing education needs and communicate these needs to the Professional Development Committee.
  • Plan annual social work month events in their region.
  • Arrange for the Executive Director/ Registrar to visit their region for an open discussion.

The College and the CASW

The College is a member of the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) originally founded in 1926 and is currently a federation of 10 provincial and territorial associations. The CASW ‘s role is to provide national leadership in and strengthen the social work profession in Canada. By its affiliation with CASW, the NSCSW is part of the International Association of Social Workers founded in 1956 and comprised of over 50 countries. In addition to publishing a newsletter, position and research papers, an international symposium is held every two years.