Associate membership in the College shall be granted to a member in good standing who has no outstanding complaints against them and who is not currently practicing. Associate members have all the same rights of membership except they cannot use the title of Registered Social Worker, or practice social work within the scope of practice.

If an Active Registered Social Worker is off on sick leave, parental leave or unemployed they should switch their active status to Associate Status. They can do so by applying to the Executive Director/Registrar in writing.

Should Associate members wish to recommence the practice of social work, they shall apply to the Executive Director/Registrar for reinstatement.

Associate membership is not an authorization to practice social work and does not confer the rights of registration.

Associate members are required to keep their professional development hours current. For information on the Associate membership requirements for professional development click here. 

Associate members may engage in the practice of social work during a public emergency.

Associate membership entitles an Associate member to:

  • Participate in non-regulatory committees, task forces, or working groups.
  • Attend College conferences and educational events at member rates.
  • Receive College newsletter, surveys, and questionnaires.

Click here for information on fees for Associate membership.