The History Project was researched so that members of the profession and the public of today can appreciate the contributions that were made to establish and to develop the profession in Nova Scotia. Some made personal sacrifices and others struggled to change the prevailing public attitudes and social policies of the times that often resisted change.

The NSASW Executive approved the History Project in June 2002 with the following objectives:

  • To review all available material and to interview persons who have recollections of their involvement in the NSASW in the past.
  • To use this information to show the accomplishments of the Association over the past 40 years and to promote the profession in the future.

Just before her death in 2004, Frances Montgomery who was a pioneer social worker and life member of NSASW, donated $1,000.00 to the Association which was earmarked by the Executive for the History Project.

We have published a full and detailed document of the results of this project which was presented to the Association in November 2011. The intention of this project was to provide a source that accurately recorded the accomplishments and achievements of the association over the years and to serve as a link to past contributions that our Association and its members have made to our province, communities, and to the profession of social work.

A copy of the “History of the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers (1963 – 2010)” is available in the NSASW library for members and others to view or a copy can be downloaded.

NSASW History