The Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers has officially become the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers. The primary role of the college is to ensure the public receives the highest calibre of care from social workers across the province.

“The Nova Scotia College of Social Workers exists to serve and protect Nova Scotians by effectively regulating and supporting the profession of social work,” says College President Ezra Wexler. The people of Nova Scotia are entitled to receive the highest calibre of care from their social workers.”

Social workers provide an essential service to help Nova Scotians lead healthier, happier lives. Their scope of practice is very broad ― from doing assessments, to case management, advocacy, education, crisis intervention, to community development based on social justice, and research and policy development. College status will bring more recognition to the social work profession and clarity to the roles and responsibilities of social workers.

As a College, support and direction will be provided to social workers to enhance the profession and the work it does, often with vulnerable populations and marginalized communities. “The College will play a key role advocating for policies that improve social conditions, challenge injustice, and promote diversity,” says Executive Director and Registrar Alec Stratford.

Moving to college status, which was made possible through the passage of revisions to the Social Workers Act earlier this year, will result in a new structure that will include standardized processes for registration, licensing, conduct, introduction of regulations to guide activities, promote ethics, ensure competencies; advancement and promotion of the profession, and advocacy to improve social conditions and promote social justice.