In May of 2016 legislation was passed that reaffirmed our profession within Nova Scotia. The amendments to the Nova Scotia Social Workers Act renewed our organization’s mandate, which outlines the following:

  • To serve and protect the public interest.
  • To preserve the integrity of the social work profession.
  • Maintain public confidence in the ability of the social work profession to regulate itself, and in the public interest.
  • Advance and promote the practice of social work.
  • Encourage members to participate in affairs promoting the practice of social work and advocate for the development, enhancement, and promotion of policies to improve social conditions and promote social justice.

This has created an opportunity for all members to actively join and grow our professional community to ensure that we uphold a high standard. It has renewed the idea that as a collective we can advocate for change and create the environments in which the public receives evidence based, compassionate, and ethically guided services and in which social work thrives.

As a member you have the ability to support the NSCSW in building a professional community that embodies the best of social work practice: evidence based, ethical and compassionate. Please stay tuned for calls to join regulatory committees and professional association committees that need strong social work voices.

The outcome of adding your voice to your professional organization is that we can build a profession that both regulates and advocates for the values of the profession. An organization that holds these equal forces in balance with one another to create a symmetry of action, a community of support, and assured promise to the people whom we serve.

Members who hold Registration with the College are permitted to do all of the following:

a. Use the protected designations of Social Work as indicted in Section 17 of the Act.

b. Practice social work subject to the Act, Regulations and By-Laws.

c. Can hold office on the Council.

d. Serve as an appointed member on any committee of the College.

e. Receive all official College publications.

f. Attend, participate and vote at Annual General Meetings of the College or special meeting as defined by the By-Laws.