Definition of Practice

Practice of social work

5A (1) For the purpose of this Act, the practice of social work means the provision of professional services to clients through the use of social work knowledge, theory, skills, judgement and values acquired through a program from an approved faculty of social work.

(2)  The professional services to clients referred to in subsection (1) may include:

(a) intervention through direct contact with clients, including assessment, case management, client-centered advocacy, education, consultation, counselling, crisis intervention and referral;

(b) community development founded on the principles of social justice that focus on mobilizing individuals to employ their skills to effect community change by community capacity building and community- based participation research; and

(c) direct or indirect provision of administrative, educational, policy or research services including:

(i) the development and promotion of social policies focused on improving social conditions and promoting social justice,

(ii) the development, the provision and the administration of social-work services programs, and

(iii) the supervision of individuals providing social work services; and

(d) such other activities as may be prescribed by the regulations.

What is it?

Assessment, remediation and prevention of social problems

What does it do?

Enhances social functioning of:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Groups and Communities

What methods are used?

  • Direct Counselling
  • Development, Promotion and Delivery of Human Service Programs
  • Social Policy Development and Promotion

What expertise is used?

Social Work:

  • Knowledge
  • Values
  • Skills