Student membership with the College may be granted to students who are registered at an approved educational institution providing social work education, upon approval by the Executive Director/Registrar. Student membership is not considered registration to practice social work under the Act. As a student member, you will have access to all membership activities and benefits including membership rates for NSCSW events.

Student membership is not registration to practice social work and does not confer the rights of registration. Student membership entitles a student to:

  • Participate in non-regulatory committees, working groups, and task forces.
  • Attend College conferences and educational events at student rates.
  • Receive College newsletters, surveys, and questionnaires, and be entered on the email newsletter.
  • Receive Canadian Association of Social Workers Journal.
  • Student members are not eligible for election to the Council of the College.
  • Student members do have a vote at meetings of Council, Annual General Meetings, or at special meetings called by the President.
  • Student members shall agree to adhere to the College’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.