On May 16th, 2016 The Executive Council of the Nova Scotia Government proclaimed amendments to the Social Workers Act, bringing a renewed mandate to the newly named Nova Scotia College of Social Workers. These Amendments placed protection of the public as the priority for the College of Social Workers. It also renewed the organization’s commitment to promote the values of social work.

The Nova Scotia College of Social Workers exists to serve and protect Nova Scotians by effectively regulating the profession of social work. We work in solidarity with Nova Scotians to advocate for policies that improve social conditions, challenge injustice and value diversity.

Our Pillars

The areas we focus on in order to deliver on our mandate:


We establish, maintain, and regulate standards of professional practice to ensure Nova Scotians receive the services of skilled and competent social workers who are knowledgeable, ethical, qualified, and accountable to the people who receive social work services.

Member Services

We provide membership services to support registered social workers in maintaining the highest standards of professional competency, and that enable participation in a broader provincial social work community.

Engagement & Communication

We engage with members, Government, employers, community groups, and citizens to build a stronger social work community, and to advance the social work profession in Nova Scotia.


We engage with Nova Scotia’s social work community in advocating for improvement to social policies, programs, and social justice.

Leadership & Accountability

We provide responsive, accountable leadership to ensure the highest standards of social work for Nova Scotians.


Our Values

Our work is grounded in integrity and professionalism which calls on us to be:


The College is respectful of the inherent dignity of every individual, and strives for cultural humility and social change.


NSCSW provides communication and services that are accessible province-wide for members, stakeholders, and the public.


NSCSW follows the established national code of ethics that adheres to the values of the social work profession.


NSCSW is proactive in reflecting the values of social work, and supports innovation through education, research, and transformative community engagement, for the sake of social justice.