2024 general meetings recap

We didn’t have any bylaw changes this year, but there was still some big news. If you missed our general meetings you can watch the livestream recordings on our YouTube channel or read the highlights below.

Strategic plan overview

The special general meeting revolved around a strategic plan presentation that reviewed the five-year goals and resulting achievements of the 2018-2023 strategic plan, and the new plan that has been developed for 2024-2027.

The new plan has four strategic commitments to fulfil our mandate for protection of the public:

  1. Strengthen Regulatory Mandate and Renewal of the Governance Framework
  2. Cultivate Ethical Social Work Practice Towards Safe(R) Services
  3. Meaningful Dialogue
  4. Responsibility, Accountability & Transparency

Council will be voting on approving the new strategic plan at their next meeting.

Clinical practice regulation is live

Our transition from private practice registration to clinical specialist registration was a topic of discussion at both meetings. We are pleased to report that the new application process for clinical specialist registration is now in place.

Flowchart illustrates NSCSW's application pathways for clinical specialization, as explained in detail within the clinical specialist registration guide. The most straightforward pathway is for RSW applicants who completed all academic requirements while obtaining an MSW degree and already have 1800 hours of clinical practice experience. However, applicants who have only partially completed these requirements have alternative pathways open to them.

Engaging in clinical social work services as a private practitioner now requires additional authorization from the NSCSW Board of Examiners. Non-clinical private practice no longer needs specialized Board of Examiners authorization at all; RSWs and SWCs can pursue non-clinical self-employment in Nova Scotia as long as their NSCSW registration is in good standing and they possess the required competence.

Private practitioners who received Board of Examiners approval for clinical specializations under our old framework will be grandparented into the new registration class, and their profiles in the registry will be updated accordingly this summer.

Finally, please note that the prior application process for private practitioners will run in parallel until the end of 2024; any clinical social work practitioners who were already preparing to meet the old requirements will have months to complete their application process within that framework and be considered for grandparenting into the new one.

Changes affecting annual renewal

The 2025 budget approved at the AGM included several key adjustments in response to the current economic climate and the objectives of the new strategic plan. Notably, it introduced a 3.5% fee increase, which is below the 3.9% cost of living increase observed in 2023. This fee adjustment will bring the baseline active member rate to $465.00 in 2025.

Council has also announced that they are altering the registration year and renewal period, which is aimed at reducing end-of-year pressures and burdens. Our next renewal deadline will be set for January 31, 2025.

New faces on NSCSW Council

We are grateful for the efforts of several council members who have completed their terms. Many thanks to Laura Rodriguez (Western), Donna LaMoine (Central) and Laurie Ehler (Secretary). Special thanks to outgoing President Lynn Brogan who has agreed to stay on our council in the Past President role, and Crystal Hill who moved from a Northern representative role to one of Secretary. .

We welcomed a new President, Robert Wright, and new Central representative Eva Burrill. We do have two vacancies on council for the Northern and Western regions, and members interested in stepping forward for these roles are encouraged to contact NSCSW staff.

Annual report

Our 2023 annual report that was presented during the AGM is available to read online. We are grateful to the efforts of our volunteers that made so much of last year’s work possible.

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