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Conference: The ethics of allyship

May 12-13 2023 — Workshops and small group discussions will offer opportunities for participants to collaboratively deconstruct and critically investigate the concept of allyship, and to reflect on how the themes of the conference resonate with their personal and professional context.

The goal of this virtual conference is to situate these conversations in a larger reflection about social work’s role in building true social justice.

Conference: Social workers leading transformational change in 2022

May 13-14, 2022 — In a world where everything has changed, and is changing, our professional mandate to work toward social justice is more relevant than ever, and invites us to consider our unique role as social workers in leading necessary and long-awaited transformation. Our annual 2-day conference in May virtually gathers Nova Scotia’s social work community to explore new perspectives and skills to deliver crucial services in a changed landscape.