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As I reflect on the tremendous amount of care and contributions that social workers have provided in our province I feel a great sense of pride for how the profession has brought change to life.

National Social Work Month every March is an opportunity for us to pause, reflect and recognize the contributions of social workers to society. Nova Scotia social workers strengthen our province with daily acts of empathy as they work with clients in solidarity towards the liberation of oppressive structures.

Nova Scotia social workers work for change as our province’s social justice professionals. They shine a light on the changes needed to our systems and structures as they resist and propose alternatives to the systems that continue to oppress the most marginalized.

Our province’s social workers are leaders from Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard representing social work in the Senate, members actively working to reform the Employment Security and Income Assistance program, to social workers pushing to introduce a client-centered mental health care system. Social workers in the child protection system have identified how the system isn’t working and are actively working to reform it. Social workers at the Dalhousie Social Work Clinic are providing clients with social justice-oriented care and those social workers in settlement services are innovating to provide welcoming services to our province’s newcomers. The list goes on!

Our social work members bring change to life as they support individuals, families, and communities across the province to create real change around real-life issues and engage with the most vulnerable in our society. They have the knowledge and skills to competently perform assessments, interventions, negotiations, mediations, advocacy, and evaluations. They are trained in inter-professional practice, community collaboration and teamwork. Social workers provide an essential service to support Nova Scotian’s to live happier, healthier lives.

The College is also working to bringing change to the profession in Nova Scotia. Over the last two years, we have worked to transform the former Association into the College. Our next step is to introduce our five-year Strategic Plan which will create a visible, vibrant, and vocal social work community.

This draft five-year plan will be our foundation for a stronger social work community. We will implement this plan with two-way authentic member engagement, new and responsive leadership and a progressive vision for what the College, as a member-driven regulatory body can achieve. We’re visiting communities across the province to seek face-to-face feedback on the plan as we discuss the actions and tactics we’ll take to achieve these ambitious goals.

Our five-year goals are to: 

  • Regulate the profession by ensuring the highest standards of professional and ethical social work practice for the people of Nova Scotia.
  • Become a recognized leader in advocacy and social justice working to protect Nova Scotians.
  • Have Nova Scotians value social work knowledge, experience and training.
  • Become a centre for social work resources, professional development, ethical consultations, research and act as the collective voice for social work.
  • Be responsible, accountable and transparent.

We look forward to seeing you at these events to celebrate the profession and to help us take our strategic goals the next step.

See a list of our National Social Work Month events and download your Bringing Change to Life poster.

Alec Stratford
Registrar/Executive Director 

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