Invitation to member consultations

The NSCSW Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and our professional guidelines exist to support social workers in determining how to proceed in complex situations, and to ensure accountability and safe practice for clients and communities. This is especially true for communities that have been historically harmed and oppressed by governments and social agencies. The principles of these guiding documents serve as a means of protection for the most vulnerable, and can also support social work’s advocacy efforts for the profession itself and its clients. 

Given that social workers have a new and growing understanding of themselves and their role in perpetuating historic harms against equity-seeking groups, and their renewed commitment to working to transform their profession and practice in light of new models of anti-oppressive practice and new commitments toward truth and reconciliation, it is imperative that these guidelines and standards be examined critically by a diverse group of practitioners and academics. When new laws and policies emerge, it is essential to ensure that social workers are clear about their role and function, as evidenced by our recently created guidelines for practice regarding medical assistance in dying (MAiD).

The Professional Standards Committee of the College was created about a year ago, in order to begin to address these issues, and welcome new members interested in getting involved. This committee has recently completed a set of guidelines on documentation for social workers and is looking for member feedback. A feedback session will be held on February 1 at noon Atlantic time, or interested members can contact N Siritsky at

The committee is also looking for feedback for members interested in sharing feedback on a selection and verification policy for professional development that was put together by the Professional Development Committee. A feedback session will be held on February 7 at noon Atlantic time, or interested members can contact N Siritsky at

We encourage all members to read these policies and share their perspective. Our work is only as good as the member feedback that we receive. We are all counting on you!