Mentor an ABSWC student

A guest post from the ABSWC program

The Dalhousie School of Social Work, in partnership with the Department of Community Services, Department of Health and Wellness, and Department of Continuing Education, presents the Africentric Bachelor of Social Work Cohort (ABSWC).

The program incorporates the principles and values of Nguzo Saba and Ubuntu, African philosophical and cultural frameworks created to facilitate a learning environment that imparts academic knowledge and nurtures cultural identity, social responsibility, and a sense of belonging within the broader community.

What is this ABSWC Mentorship Program about?

The establishment of the ABSWC Mentorship Program aims to provide ABSWC students with an opportunity to receive guidance and support from experienced professionals in the field.

This program seeks to empower students by connecting them with mentors who have expertise in Africentric social work, enhancing their academic and professional growth. We would be happy to have you register as one of our mentors.

Remember that in the journey of mentorship, you are not guiding steps; you are shaping destinies, and your impact is immeasurable.


To be eligible to participate, you must be:

  1. A Black Registered Social Worker, or
  2. A Black person in a related field, such as a Counsellor, Therapist, etc.

Commitments (& benefits)

The commitment is for a minimum of 1-2 hours per month for a period of 12 calendar months. Volunteers have the opportunity to deepen their mentorship skills and develop their professional network.

It is important to note that mentoring an ABSWC student is distinct from NSCSW’s Candidacy Mentorship Program. However, up to 12 hours of volunteer activities can be included in a social worker’s professional development inventory each year.

Step forward

To participate in the ABSWC Mentorship Program, please click here to complete the form.

For more information, please visit the ABSWC page on the university website or the School of Social Work Facebook page. If you have questions that aren’t answered online, please contact

Mentoring is a silent but powerful legacy. Your wisdom echoes in the achievements of those you guide.