Help us strengthen our professional development program & earn PD hours!


Strengthening our professional development program – Workshop

Through our transformation from an Association to a College we’ve assessed our approaches, processes and procedures. We’re assessing professional development (PD) program as part of this transformation.

Members are required to complete 40 PD hours and the College continuously aims to provide meaningful PD opportunities. However, it is not clear how PD activities are measured and determined, what specific skills are being developed and how these skills increase competency in practice. 

We need your insight to help strengthen the PD program to ensure it aligns with the profession’s evolution and supports continuous competency in your social work practice.

At this one day workshop, we’ll apply a SWOT analysis to examine the PD program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will provide us with detailed information to help us transform the program. 

Together we will also: 

  1. Examine the PD program’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  2. Recommend changes and improvements to existing programs, services and processes.
  3. Document changes and improvement in programs, services and processes.
  4. Gain insight into how to apply a SWOT analysis in your own social work practice 

Join us as we explore how to strengthen the PD program and earn 4 PD hours. 

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