Notice of Reinstatement: Ryanne Rhodenizer

Notice of Reinstatement

Member: Ryanne Rhodenizer, Registration # 2173

On January 15, 2021, the Discipline Committee of the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers consented to the revocation of Ryanne Rhodenizer’s registration as a social worker. A summary of the Discipline Committee’s decision is accessible here.

Pursuant to the terms of the revocation, Ryanne Rhodenizer was not eligible to apply for reinstatement of her social worker registration until one year from January 15, 2021. Ryanne Rhodenizer was also required to undergo remedial education in the event she sought to apply for reinstatement in the future. 

Ryanne Rhodenizer recently submitted a request to begin the reinstatement process. On February 16, 2022, the Board of Examiners convened to consider Ryanne Rhodenizer’s application for reinstatement. 

In the context of a reinstatement application, the onus is on the individual seeking reinstatement to demonstrate that reinstatement is consistent with the objects of the College. The objects of the College are to:

  • serve and protect the public interest;
  • preserve the integrity of the social-work profession; and
  • maintain public confidence in the ability of the social work profession to regulate itself.

The protection of the public from a social worker who presents a risk of future misconduct or who lacks the knowledge, skills and judgment to practise safely is the paramount consideration in the Board’s decision.

The Board recognized that since the events that lead to the revocation of her registration as a social worker, Ryanne Rhodenizer engaged in reflection, healing, and learning. The Board noted measured growth in Ryanne Rhodenizer’s understanding of professional boundaries and limits on her professional scope of practice. The Board believed this demonstrated her character to learn and grow as a professional.

Ryanne Rhodenzier also undertook and completed a number of remedial education activities in the areas of professional boundaries and ethics. The Board was satisfied that Ryanne Rhodenizer completed appropriate remedial education in the areas of professional boundaries and ethics.

The public and the profession have no tolerance for the extremely serious misconduct that led to Ryanne Rhodenizer’s revocation. Ryanne Rhodenizer abused her position of authority and trust as a social worker by engaging in a sexual relationship with a recently discharged client. 

However, social workers who have had their registration revoked have the opportunity for reinstatement when appropriate rehabilitation and sufficient public protection can be demonstrated. Successful remediation of a social worker is commendable and worthy of effort on the part of the social worker, the profession, and NSCSW. The Board is confident that the public interest is served by the successful return to practice of a social worker who is competent, is of good character, has insight into their past misconduct and presents no appreciable risk of reoffending.

Overall, it appears to the Board that Ryanne Rhodenizer has engaged in appropriate treatment, has been successful in understanding and addressing the factors leading to her past misconduct, and has accepted responsibility for her misconduct. Further, Ryanne Rhodenizer has taken reasonable remedial measures. 

The Board of Examiners determined that Ryanne Rhodenizer has demonstrated suitability for reinstatement at this time. Further, the Board noted that the College supported Ryanne Rhodenizer’s application for reinstatement. 

Accordingly, Board approved Ryanne Rhodenizer’s application for reinstatement, subject to the following conditions and restrictions: 

  1. Ryanne Rhodenizer is restricted from providing social work services that involve the direct provision of therapy, until and unless she completes training and requests and receives authorization from the Board of Examiners. 
    • Therapy is advanced practice, and involves an individual and their relationship to the social, economic and political structures that impact mental health, emotional, and other behavioural issues. Using post-modern modalities, clinical social work applies therapy through mental health assessments, interventions, and prevention practices to achieve optimum psychological and social functioning.
  2. Ryanne Rhodenizer will, at her own expense, participate in regular supportive supervision, to continue at least monthly for the first year following her return to practice as a social worker, and to continue thereafter on the schedule recommended by her supervisor, until discontinuation of supervision is recommended by the supervisor.  
  3. Every six months, beginning from the date that Ryanne Rhodenizer returns to practice as a social worker, and continuing until her supervisor discontinues supervision, Ryanne Rhodenizer will arrange (at her own expense) for her supervisor to provide a written report to the College’s Regulatory and Candidacy Manager confirming Ryanne Rhodenizer’s participation in supervision, frequency of sessions, and providing an opinion on her ability to copy with any stresses that may interfere with ethical social work practice and her development of self-efficacy skills.