Request for Proposals – Develop the Mentorship Training for our Candidacy Mentorship Program

Want to Develop the Mentorship Training for our Candidacy Mentorship Program?

Submit your Proposal by July 31st

The College’s redeveloped Candidacy Program, now the Candidacy Mentorship Program (CMP), will provide graduates from accredited schools of social work with a strategic, supportive, and educational professional development experience rooted in principles of adult learning.

Graduates and social workers re-entering practice (candidates) will be connected with experienced practitioners (mentors). Through the CMP, mentors provide candidates with educational and supportive mentorship to integrate knowledge, apply skill, and action ethics in their first years of practice.

Candidates gain valuable support throughout their 2500 hours of practice experience through regular, structured, and documented meetings with their mentor. They are supported as they develop a professional identity, grapple with ethical issues, explore professional concerns related to their practice experience, integrate theory and practice, develop self-awareness, and refine a unique practice framework.

The CMP is part of the College’s mandate to protect the public as it ensures that new graduates have the skills, competence, and good character to practice social work in Nova Scotia 

We’re sending out a request for proposals to build the mentorship training for new CMP. The goal of this project is to build an online training module to support mentors to understand their roles and responsibilities, develop an understanding of adult learning and to effectively mentor candidates. The training will be integrated into the upcoming Candidacy website (to be launched in September 2018).

This Request for Proposals represents the requirements for an open and competitive process.

Read the Request for Proposals here

Send your proposal to the College’s Regulatory and Candidacy Consultant Sherry Battiste at by 5:00 PM AST July 31st, 2018.