The new Candidacy Mentorship Program

After consultation with our members and the hard work of our Candidacy Committee, members voted to adopt the new Candidacy framework and launch the new Candidacy Mentorship Program (CMP) at our 2017 Annual General Meeting.

The Candidacy Mentorship Program ensures that new graduates have the skills, competence, and good character to practice social work in Nova Scotia

We’re launching the program with a new Candidacy website found here

The website is designed to support candidates and mentors through the program and includes activities, resources and learning objective examples. Since the new program is rooted in mentorship, the candidacy supervisor is now referred to as the candidacy mentor.

Candidates will receive clear support and structure. In the new year, all candidacy reports will be digital and attached to the candidate’s member profile with the College. Constructive feedback on the learning agreement and reports will be provided and the program includes a monitoring and evaluation structure.

Visit the Candidacy Mentorship Program website