Call for submissions to our 2022 conference

We are inviting presentation proposals for our annual conference.

Theme: Social Work Leading Transformational Change in 2022


This year is our opportunity! Join us as we explore new perspectives and skills to deliver social work services in a changed landscape as we lead transformational change. This is the year that we embrace our role as change agents, advocates and leaders, as we seek to pivot from our role in perpetuating bias and systemic inequity, toward decolonization and true justice for all people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out essential truths often hidden and denied in the neoliberal world we live in. These truths can no longer be ignored: social inequities in income, employment and housing; continuous racism, including our own; ever-present violence in relationships; and vulnerabilities and gaps in health and mental health service delivery, now command our attention. And yet, in a world where everything has changed, and is changing, our professional mandate to work toward social justice invites us to consider our unique role as social workers in leading transformational change.


  1. to help members articulate what “transformation” means for them in their work, practice and communities
  2. to encourage every social worker to reflect on ways to create the practice-theory to lead transformational change 
  3. integrate theory and practice of social work through collaborative educational conversations about lived experience 
  4. to build conference participants’ confidence in leading and being the change, and have each person commit to specific actions in their work and in their communities


Proposals should address one or more of the following:

  • the application of ethics
  • truth and reconciliation
  • anti-racist and anti-discriminatory practice to lead toward cultural safety and anti-oppressive practice
  • social justice
  • vicarious trauma and secondary distress 

In particular, proposals on the illusion of cultural competence, and the need of the profession to shift to a different paradigm, are welcome. 

All sessions will be delivered live via Zoom. Presenters should expect that their sessions will be recorded; some sessions will be exclusive to conference attendees who participate live, while others may eventually made available for members electronically, depending on content and format. 

All presenters are expected to register and attend the conference.


How to submit a proposal:

  • Complete all fields in the form below and click submit
    • Proposals for conference sessions in any format are welcome (e.g. poster presentations, panels, workshops, book launches, etc.).
  • Email a high-resolution photo of the speaker(s) to
    • Minimum size 640 x 480 pixels (1500 x 1000 pixels preferred).
    • For sessions with multiple speakers, you may submit separate pictures or a single group photo.
  • Submit your complete proposal by noon (Atlantic time) on January 21, 2022

Proposal submissions will be reviewed by College staff and the Professional Development Committee.