Letter from the President: National Social Work Month 2022


I wish to acknowledge and lift up the contributions of social workers, social work educators and students while also recognizing the need to continue our shared efforts towards social justice, equity, and critical self-reflection as we advance reconciliation, anti-racism and equity. This March, we will celebrate your amazing work more loudly than ever. I am so proud of you all, and proud to know that social work is essential and social workers are in critical demand.

Throughout COVID-19, your roles are more critical than ever as the pandemic continues to widen the pre-existing gaps in our social safety net. And despite all your personal and professional challenges, you continue to rise to the occasion, providing exceptional services, care, and leadership to people and communities across Nova Scotia.

National Social Work Month is a time to celebrate. It’s also a time to reflect. And this year’s celebrations must go hand in hand with the recognition of the very real, very serious – indeed, critical – difficulties faced by our profession. While we acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary devotion of social workers and their pivotal roles, especially in the context of an unprecedented world pandemic, we remain aware of the urgency of our opportunities for growth.

The ongoing centring of whiteness and the subsequent systemic violence of anti-Black, anti-Asian and anti-Indigenous racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia we have witnessed during the pandemic, continue to remind us of the responsibility of our profession in preserving inherent social work values grounded in integrity, ethical practice, and equitable service to humanity, so these values are being practiced and taught in a consistent, anti-oppressive and sustainable manner.

In the face of challenges, you bring hope. As our profession is grounded in principles of social justice, optimism comes naturally as we see a better world in front of us. We are secure in the knowledge that our profession is united in our shared commitment to sustain social change and to continue to transform the legacy of our profession through our daily efforts in our communities, in our classrooms and in our offices.

We hope you have enjoyed National Social Work Month, and we are privileged to continue to promote the incredible profession of social work.


Lynn Brogan,
NSCSW Council President