Nova Scotia College of Social Workers highlights crucial gaps in places of safety following Auditor General’s report

May 7, 2024 — In light of the Auditor General’s new report concerning places of safety in Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers (NSCSW) calls attention to the significant gaps in the report regarding its understanding of service users’ needs, the realities of social workers, and how these factors contribute to the reported challenges in the delivery of places of safety.

Statement on the Minister of Justice’s comments

Apr 19, 2024 — Yesterday, on the anniversary of the mass casualty tragedy in Colchester and Cumberland counties, the Minister of Justice repeatedly insisted to media that gender-based violence is not an epidemic in our province. He apologized on the same day. Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of the deep roots of violence, and recommit to ending it, together.

Panel series: Safe(R) care while our hearts are breaking – Middle East focus

May 16, 2024 — In the first session of an ongoing series of panels, social workers are invited to explore how practicing self-care for themselves also contributes to safety for the people they serve. This session brings together panelists connected to the Middle East, whether they have lived in the region themselves or are connected through culture and descent.

Preparing to implement regulatory change

Apr 11, 2024 — As a companion to the clinical standards under development, we have also been developing a guidelines document to support clinical practitioners. We are sharing a draft of those guidelines now, and are inviting member feedback.