Nova Scotia social workers facing a burnout crisis

NS social workers are facing a burnout crisis.

Stats released by the NDP show an increase of nearly 10,000 short-term illness hours from 2013-14 to 2016-17. Referrals to child protection services also increased over that time. These stats reflect a system that is not supportive of the workers in it and which has a huge impact on the families they are trying to serve, especially those living in poverty.

“Accessible housing, transformation of income assistance — which we know is inadequate — greater community supports for families who are in higher need, access to daycare, access to food security . . . It’s these broader structural issues that have the impact on the overall wellness of the family,” said the College’s Registrar/Executive Director Alec Stratford.

“It’s a very complex system, particularly when you’re dealing with issues of neglect, family violence, addictions and mental health, which all compile themselves around the bigger issue of poverty in Nova Scotia,” he said.

“It becomes very hard to be able to negotiate these systems, serve your families well, as well as take care and stay well yourself, which is what these stats that the NDP released today are reflecting.”

More evidence of burnout amongst front-line workers – September 18th media release by the NS NDP
INFOGRAPHIC: N.S. social workers suffering burnout, NDP says- The Chronicle Herald, September 18, 2017