Professional Development

Professional Development & Competent Practice

11.1.1. Social Workers shall ensure their skills are in keeping with current knowledge and practices in the field of social work through a minimum 40 hours of professional development annually. Failure to meet this requirement will result in suspension.

11.1.2. Social Workers shall maintain a personal record of their professional development activities with supporting documentation. 1

11.1.3. Social Workers shall submit a report of professional development activities annually at the time of registration renewal and use the prescribed online forms to detail their professional development activities.

11.1.4. In order to maintain competency, Social Workers on leave shall complete professional development requirements in accordance to the Professional Development Policy (See Social Work Regulation Sections 22-25).

  1. This documentation may include, but would not be limited to: title of conferences, seminars, workshops, names and credentials of presenters, date of professional development activity, number of hours, title and author of articles and books, titles of chapters in books, number of student and candidate supervision, dates of supervision, etc.