Social Justice

Social Justice

6.1.1. Social Workers shall advocate for social change in the best interest of the client and for the overall benefit of society, the environment, and the global community.

6.1.2. Social Workers shall promote fair and equitable access to services by engaging in efforts that seek to ensure that all persons have fair access to the resources, services and opportunities they require to meet their basic human needs.

6.1.3. Social Workers shall advocate for equitable social, economic, political and cultural policy and legislation.

6.1.4. Social Workers shall promote choice and opportunity for all persons, with special regard for those who are marginalized, vulnerable, disadvantaged, oppressed and exploited.

6.1.5. Social Workers shall advocate for the equitable distribution of society’s resources to all persons. They shall bring situations where resources are inadequate or where distribution of resources, policies and practices are oppressive, unfair or harmful to the attention of persons and/or organizations who they can work with or refer issues to, to make a difference (i.e. client, coworkers, employers, policy makers, politicians, and the general public).

6.1.6. Social Workers shall strive to identify and reflect upon injustice, while advocating for the prevention and elimination of systemic oppression, domination, exploitation and discrimination.

6.1.7. Social Workers shall recognize, respect and promote awareness of the diversity of people.