Strategic Plan Survey: What you had to say











You must be the change you wish to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi.

This summer the College surveyed members to gain your insight into changes in the social work community, trends in the social work field and in your practice and your experience with the College.

Our Council and the Board of Examiners will embrace your feedback when they meet this weekend to draft a five-year strategic plan for the College.

We heard a wide range of perspectives but with some clear themes.

You expect the College to be transparent, accountable and to ensure continuous engagement with members, government and the public. You want to see accessible professional development opportunities across Nova Scotia, not just Halifax. You want to witness more advocacy and the College using our position to engage in the political discourse around equitable distribution of resources.

You also reflected that the College should be working at national level to ensure greater labour mobility. You aspire to see the College continuously promoting the profession by clarifying how our regulations lead to a high standard of practice and documenting the achievements of Nova Scotians across the province.

You need us to be more inclusive and walk the walk not just talk the talk around issues of social justice.

You communicated clearly that you want more accountability on the value that the College brings to the profession of social work and too you as a member.

What I take from your message is that you want an empathetic, reflective relationship with College. A relationship that supports your work, promotes the profession and protects the public.

We appreciate the time you took to complete the survey and your insightful feedback.

I am excited to share the College’s draft strategic plan for further input after this weekend!

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