Our 2018 Reflection: A Year of Engagement, Advocacy and Support










As 2018 quickly comes to an end the College’s Council, staff and many volunteers are reflecting on a year filled with activities and actions.

We have continued to bring the organization to life as we engage, serve and protect Nova Scotians. We are building a vibrant community of professionals who work in solidarity with Nova Scotians to advocate for policies that improve social conditions, challenge injustice and value diversity. 

Here are our top five accomplishments of 2018 

5. Five-Year Strategic Plan

In the summer of 2017, we surveyed our social work members to gain insight into changes in the social work community, trends in the social work field and in their social work practice and their experience with the College. College Council then used this valuable feedback throughout 2018 to shape a vision for the organization’s future.

Council & the Governance Committee established five-year goals and outcomes. These goals and outcomes were presented to members throughout 2018 National Social Work Month for final consultation. At the spring annual general meeting, members reviewed the presented plan and approved the College’s strategic goals for our future.

Read the College’s five-year strategic goals & outcomes here. 

4.  Media Engagement.

This year the College and the profession were represented in the media over 12 times including the cover of the Metro Star.

Our media presence was part of a strategic push to engage with Nova Scotia’s social work community to advocate for improvements to social policies, programs, and social justice. It shows that the profession of social work has a strong voice in Nova Scotia and is generating change!

3. Spring Conference and Professional Development Events

Each year the College’s conference and professional development opportunities continue to become more robust, lively and rich with learning.

We offered many training opportunities across the province including an ethics training and a professional identity workshop. We also worked with members to offer PD opportunities to members in their community.

The 2018 spring conference, ‘Innovation in Social Work: A Foundation for our Future’, included thought-provoking keynotes from social workers Carolyn Campbell and Gail Baikie on the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and the role of social work in the decolonizing process. The number of social workers attending our conference continues to  grow!

2. New Candidacy Mentorship Program Launch  

After nearly two years of reflection, engagement, discussion, and debate the College proudly launched the new Candidacy Mentorship Program including a program website with resources and information.

The new Candidacy Mentorship Program provides new social workers with a strategic, supportive, and educational professional development experience rooted in principles of adult learning. The program provides new graduates with educational and supportive mentorship to integrate knowledge, apply skill, and action ethics in their first years of practice. 

See the Candidacy Mentorship Program website here.

1. Connection Magazine

Connection magazine has been a great addition to how the College promotes social work and engages with the public. We launched with one edition in 2017 and have since produced three editions in 2018. We continue to demonstrate how social workers are leaders who provide essential services to support Nova Scotians lead healthier, hapier lives. Connection shared their stories, struggles and celebrated their successes! The magazine illustrated the realities and challenges that social workers face, to promote the profession’s passionate work and bring stories from our community to life.

2019 is shaping up too be a big year as well with three significant advocacy projects scheduled including our Mental Health Care Advocacy Paper, A Social Policy Framework and a continued pushed for changes to programs and services for children and youth!

Happy Holidays on behalf of NSCSW staff and council!

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