Request for proposals: Strategic plan evaluation & regeneration

The purpose of this project is to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the NSCSW’s 5 year strategic plan and use this insight as benchmark to generate a renewed strategic vision.

There are two phases to this project. Bidders may choose to propose a plan for either, or submit a combined proposal for both.

  1. Strategy Evaluation: Facilitate a comprehensive assessment of the current performance and progress towards the execution and achievements of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. This phase will also evaluate how the organization delivered against the five core outcome statements:
    • We regulate the profession by ensuring the highest standards of professional and ethical social work practice for the people of Nova Scotia.
    • We are a recognized leader in advocacy and social justice working to protect Nova Scotians.
    • Nova Scotians value social work knowledge, experience, and training.
    • We are a centre for social work resources, professional development, ethical consultations, research and acts as the collective voice for social work.
    • We are responsible, accountable and transparent.
  2. Strategy Design & Development: Build upon the current strategy and its strengths with the goal of defining a road map that will allow the NSCSW to reaffirm its core mandate to protect the public while striving towards our profession’s obligations to social justice, anti-racism and decolonization of the profession.

For more detail about this project, including background and proposal guidelines, please read the full request for proposals.

To bid on this project, please send your proposal to our Executive Director/Registrar Alec Stratford at no later than 5 p.m. ADT on August 19, 2022.